Who we are.


Tobias R. Koehler

Tobias is a multi talented computer nerd. His skills are widespread ranging from webdesign and programming over to interactive art, movies and cyber art. His work always stands for quality and the wish to make himself and the customer happy.

He studied at the SAE College in Vienna and the University of Art in Linz. He is the head of the company and direct contact for every customer.


Lenaustrasse 19
4663 Laakirchen
Tel: +43 720 511 319
Email: head @ trkoehler.com

David Wögerer

David is a professional web developer and print designer out of passion. He develops creative concepts and has an ear for every customers wish. His offbeat ideas and their realization enrich every project, making him the ideal partner for any matter.

David started the THESIGNGROUP in 2003 and develops web and print solutions ever since. He is a member of trkoehler brand development since 2013.


Feldgasse 18
8111 Judendorf / Graz
Tel: +43 650 3283533
Email: david @ trkoehler.com
Web: www.thesigngroup.at